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MUST READ: See The Extent A Lady Can Go To Increase Her Se xual Desire



You remember when Kim Kardashian had her face injected with her own blood all in the name of vampire facelift?

Well, the same method is now being used to help revive female libido and sexual sensation. One patient, Sophia*, tells MirrorUK what it’s like to have the ‘O Shot.’ Very interesting testimony so make sure you read it to the end!

Laying on the couch in a Harley Street clinic, my feet up in stirrups, I watched as the doctor positioned a syringe full of my own blood cells against the most intimate area of my body.

I braced myself for the needle prick and the nurse at my side squeezed my hand.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered. “This is going to change your life.”

You might think what I was doing sounds extreme. But let me explain the journey that

had taken me here. 

Se xual to s ex-starved

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt very confident in my own se xuality. I’m curvy – I’ve got boobs, I’ve got a bum – and I was used to getting attention from men. That always made me feel empowered.

I enjoyed not only the effect I had on men but what came back to me in return. I enjoyed an amazing sexual connection with my first partners and found it easy to reach orgasm.

Then I met Tim and fell in love at first sight. Instantly I felt he liked me for my personality, not just my body, and that made me feel good. This was a new stage of my life and I felt ready to settle down and marry. It wasn’t a problem for me that our relationship wasn’t as se xual as I was used to.

As time went on, though, I began feeling more and more rejected. If we had se x, it was always because I initiated it. Usually he pushed me away and if we did do it, it was very monotonous. That was hard for me to understand – I wanted to share my body with my husband as a way of showing how much I loved him.

Please don’t think I’m se x mad. I craved intimacy as much as intercourse itself, but he was cold: there was little of the kissing or cuddling I longed for.

I often cried myself to sleep at night, wondering why my husband didn’t desire me. The only way I could cope was to switch off, suppressing any se xual thoughts. If my li bido was the cause of all these problems, I needed to disconnect from that part of myself completely.

Over time I stopped feeling the need to have se x, to even want to be touched. I lost any feeling of physical energy in my genitals and breasts. I thought, “I don’t deserve se x. This is my life and I’m stuck with it.”

Eventually, though, I realised I couldn’t deny my true self forever, and I told Tim our marriage was over. I needed to be me and be free again. But the thought of ever being intimate with another man terrified me: how could I ever have se x again when I felt dead between the legs?

I began doing some research online, and that’s where I found out about the ‘O Shot’. The more I read about it, the more I thought, “This is exactly what I need: something to restart my engine.”

Though £1,000 was a lot of money, I told myself some women might easily spend that on clothes; why shouldn’t I invest in my va gina instead? It was what was important to me.

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