A Nairalander that goes by the name zed7 posted an advice he thought would be useful to single successful guys about the trend ladies of nowadays are following.

Read and be wise

“This i consider to be my free advice to young men who are single and successful.
Please stay away from a trophy wife. I know that it may seem cool to flaunt that beautiful girl around as your wife and you desire beautiful kids but most times, these flashy girls have too much attention and wouldn’t hesitate to follow the next man even after marriage.

Marrying a beautiful girl does not in anyway guarantee a happy marriage. Most of these ladies don’t care being single mothers because they know that they are beautiful and would always attract men.

The trend now is for ladies to get married, get a child and move on to the next man. They know your funds will guarantee their kids will have a decent life while they have the freedom to taste all the perks of singlehood. We should stop falling for these tricks.

There are many responsible women out there who might not be so attractive but they are willing to be married and stay married. Wealthy single guys should go for these girls, they guarantee a more stable home and peace of mind.

For the randy guys who can’t keep it in their pants, after getting married to that decent girl, you can keep the flashy gold diggers as side chicks if you like. Like they say, you can’t turn a ho to a house wife.

This is my free advice to all successful young dudes. Be wise, stay wise.”

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