A young Nigerian has just shown that there are still some good people left as he puts a smile on the face of an own female beggar.

One does not just turn into a beggar if he or she is not in need of help and for the older destitute on the street, they need relief as much as they need air.

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Ichie Agbalanze has shown himself worthy of empathy as he shared a heartwarming story on . of his encounter with an old homeless woman. According to him, he had to miss an important appointment just to spend time with an old woman he met by the roadside and also give her reasons to smile.

Ichie shared this on his page:

“A MOMENT WITH A HOMELESS OLD WOMAN! We can’t lose hope in humanity! Never! Just a little more care can heal the world! I was on my way to catch up an appointment this afternoon when I saw this homeless mother by the market roadside begging alms.

“I noticed how everybody ignored her pleas for alms and I hid behind a tree to record this video, Brothers and Sisters ignored her like she’s a log of wood lying beside the road, no one gave her even a smile to pacify her soul. Pain and agony was written all over her as she continued regardless. I went down to the market and bought few stuffs and I came back to meet her.

“I handed the stuffs over to her and I could read the excitement and cheers in her face as she kept saying things in her language which I don’t understand. She opened what I bought for her and offered me some of it to eat with her, I ate with her as we took selfies and she laughed so hard whenever I showed her a picture of herself, I decided to sit back with her and beg for alms.

“We started begging for alms together and she was all smiles. People couldn’t understand what was happening as I walked towards them and ask them to drop a penny for the old lady. It was crazy, it was fun and almost everyone I walked up to dropped something in her plate.

“I spent almost an hour with her and I missed my appointment . . . But the Joy I gave and the Joy I received was way more important. I counted the money we made and it was N1,200 (One Thousand Two Hundred Naira) I handed it over to her and bade her goodbye as she was left with all smiles and thanks.

“It was a moment to behold . . .  that’s why am sharing this one with you. Just a little more love can heal the world. Moral of the story: Am I not mad?” 

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Boy and Old Beggar



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