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Must See Ladies: 7 Places Se x Starved Dudes Stylishly Romance Ladies



Some guys can’t control their sexual urge which somehow they use stylish ways to romance ladies in order to get satisfied. 

Therefore, the places they stylishly romance ladies are;

1. In a commercial bus

This is peculiar to BRT, danfo and journey buses. However, due to the bad nature of Nigerian roads which serves as a catalytic process for dudes to express their “konji”, they seize the moment of galloping to stylishly hit ladies bosom. Also for BRT(standing position), such dudes stylish hit their joystick against a lady’s backyard to satisfy their urge. 

2. At shopping mall

Though less common @ this place but it happens atimes when there is long queue to the cashier place. Somehow some dudes spot en downed ladies to stylishly have body contact with them.

3. Banking hall

Some banks are synonymous with long queues and as a result some guys book space in front of heavily gifted lady to enjoy her pillow.  

4. On okada (Bike)

I remember one day I took a bike and d bike man stopped to carry a wickedly gifted bosom lady. Mehn! That day my joystick sang halleluyah still I get to my destination.

Lol no be my fault “I be human being nah” 

5. Polling unit

Some polling units have crowd and as a result of pushing and other things to vote early, some dudes seize the opportunity to having free access to her oranges. 

6. Aptitude test centres 

Due to struggle for job taking the last immigration exercise as a good example, some dudes enjoyed d moment while it last on some ladies without them knowing someone is enjoying free Internet browsing. 

7. At bus terminus

During rush hour everybody struggle to get bus @ bus terminus especially in Lagos and as a result of severe rushing, some guys stylishly grab ladies orange and tap current hitting his machine gun against the lady’s butt. 

Feel free to add yours  

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