My Curves Are Natural And Not Surgically Enhanced

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Nollywood queen voluptuous Anita Joseph is one of Nollywood’s most endowed actress with a curve so big and bold that naturally speaks volume without her muttering a word at any event. Contrary to popular notions Anita Joseph has said her curves are all-natural and not surgically enhanced. Anita Joseph

She said, “My curves are natural. They are not surgically enhanced, though training my waist has helped a lot. As a mother, waist trainers helped me get rid of my baby bulge after delivery. It helped me to keep in shape as it got tight as soon as I put on weight. I also like how it gives me that hourglass shape. I am really in love with my waist and shape.’’

Sharing her thoughts on why most actresses had delved into other businesses, Anita Joseph stated, “It is true that a lot of celebrities have side businesses. However, acting pays well too. As humans, we need to be prepared for the future by creating more avenues to make wealth and not depending on just one stream of income. With the platform I have on social media, it is good to have a side business. It helps one to diversify and I love what I do. I own Hourglass Fashion World and we sell waist trainers.Anita Joseph and MC Fish

“Some people think that being voluptuous makes actresses popular but it is not just my shape that gave me fame. It was the content I churned out and how versatile I am as an actress. However, I must admit that my shape makes me stand out in the crowd. One of my greatest fears in life is failure, so beauty with no brain makes no sense.”

“People think that being a celebrity or an influencer makes a business thrive, compared to others. But it is the favour (of God) that works for me. I market my business very well and the support I get from fans also helps me get great customers. My business is doing well and we are seeing returns on our investment.” Anita Joseph added

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