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My ex wants sex and I’m considering it though I have a man – Lifestyle News

Dear Bukky,

I’m Kayla. I broke up with my boyfriend when i find out that he was cheating on me, I went on a no contact for 3 months. Then one day he texted me that he was checking on me and he misses me so much and he wants me back, he even swear with his mum’s life only for me to believe him. I usually see the picture of him and his new girlfriend but he’s not the one posting, the lady is the one doing all that. What he does is reacting on the pictures but he doesn’t comment. It’s now two years but I’m afraid i still love him so much.

I’m in a new relationship but I don’t have the feelings. Now my ex wants to have sex with me. What should I do? Please help.

Dear reader,

The temptation must be so much and I cannot judge you for feeling like going back to the old flame who must have given you so many great moments.

The problem, however, is that it would be inappropriate of you to go back and sleep with him. First because you are in a relationship. It does not matter that you do not love the man. Don’t disrespect him like that. It would be better to break up with him if you know you want to pursue a sexual relationship with someone else. That should be easy for you as you do not feel anything for him anyway.

However, try to be considerate when doing that. Be empathetic.

So should you have with this your ex? No, please. He is in a relationship. Having sex with you means he is cheating on his girlfriend and that should just remind you of the fact that he’s someone you should still stay away from. If you must have sex, do it with someone else.

I would recommend strongly, though, that you should calm down and give yourself the opportunity to heal and become ready for a real relationship and not these temporary sexual relationships.
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