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My Fiancee Asked Me To Sleep With His Friend Then Accused Me Of Infidelity



Tayo had just returned from the States when we met at Quilox, he was hanging out with his boys and I was there with my friends. We came in some sort of entourage, everyone with their man, but I came alone, I was a loner.

Our eyes had met more than once in a few minutes and I felt I could read through his soul already. To me he passed for that type of guy who had a very calm disposition on the outside, but had a tiger within.

He finally walked up to me and true to my predictions he was all and more that I expected. Gently he introduced himself, politely he asked me to a dance.

On the dance floor he took of the cloak of innocence and I had the most steamy dance of my entirely boring life. The music faded but not the kindled fondness for eachother.

That was how it all began, from a dance to some crazy romance. I had fallen for the devil, I knew it but thought myself too apprehensive.

Tee as he was fondly called by his friends, was very adventurous. He knew alot and was ever eager to explore everything, I found his spontaneity very attractive.

However, three months down the line, I began to notice some withdrawal in Tee’s behaviour towards me. At first I thought it was just a phase that will wear off quickly, but that was not the case.

I tried everything possible to see that things got back to normal, but the more I tried he seemed to draw away, for the first time in our brief relationship, I saw Tee literally crawl back into his shell.

Luckily one night, I had been stuck in traffic on the Island and would not be able to make it back to the estate where I stay in Isolo. So I found my way to Yaba where Tayo was living.

That night he was all uptight, wasn’t the prank master as usually, there was practically no life in him. It felt like I was an outcast and so I was desperate to know what the problem was.

He initially did not want to say anything, then soon after much persuasion, he shocked me.

Tee talked about how boring we had become, how much a routine our life was and how anyone who watched closely could tell what we will be doing at a particular time or where next we would be headed.

I was confused, it all didn’t make sense to me but what could I have done. I couldn’t sleep that night, I was certain that though he did not say it, I was the boring one. Perhaps he wanted out, but I wasn’t ready to put out the flame of his passion.

So I began to loosen myself, I did things I will not ordinarily had done. We would go by Eleko beach and within one of its raffia hut, we would smoke some weed and make out after.

I was not certain of the strange stuffs I had started doing but I would rather do them than loose Tee. Taking things an extra notch, brought him back to me gradually.

But like they say, one compromise leads to another, till you find yourself at the edge of a cliff. This was my case.

Just few weeks to the rejuvenation of our relationship, Tee and I went to his friend’s house in Lekki.

His friend (Boye) was one of those who was with him the day we met. Of all his friends, Boye seemed to be Tee’s best friend.

Boye had his girlfriend over too, we spent the night drinking and playing games.

Somewhere deep into the night, we started to talk about relationships and sexuality, Boye and his girl said they were very open sexually.

We talked loud unaware of our voices echoing into the darkness that had enveloped the perfectly preened neighborhood.

Tee decided we would stay over, having had too much to drink for the night. It was quite unlike him, he would have made us turbo in his Benz, just for the fun of drunk-driving.

The room went quite for a while, Tee’s legs accidentally knocked off the empty bottles of Hennessy laying at the foot of the centre-table.

I was jolted by the sound, having drifted into some brief sleep, on opening my eyes again, Boye was making out with his lady.

Tee looked really tipsy but made for my lips, perhaps turned on by Boye’s rather loud make-out section.

I kissed him but gestured for us to head for Boye’s spare room, he hesitated and I reluctantly continued with the kissing.

A few minutes later we were engrossed so much that we didn’t notice Boye and his girlfriend staring at us, it was the lady’s cackling that gave them away.

Just then, Boye said he and his lady had decided to do something very exiting, I was wondering what they had decided, it was the lady who let the cat out.

She said “we have decided to trade partners, one night only”.

I thought it some nasty joke, but the grin on Tee’s face gave me concern, the thought seem to have excited him.

Surprisingly, Tee agreed to the rather expensive joke. He gave it a nod and the before I knew it Boye’s girl was on my man’s lap.

She kissed him in a manner I felt she will steal him with her tongue. I was jealous but played along.

Boye motioned towards me, he was in no way my spec, but again what would I have done?

I tried to enjoy myself, seeing that Tee seemed to be having a really hot session. I didn’t bother for any foreplay, I just pulled Boye unto myself and we had sex.

All the time I was looking over to see Tee and this crazy girl who should be doing her thing with Boye, it was cruel torture.

She seemed to be having more fun with Tee than she did with Boye. Thirty minutes later and they still were on foreplay.

Boye urged me to join him in the room, I was hesitant but gave in to his request just to please my man.

We had some more sex, but I wasn’t enjoying it. I guess the influence of the drink was all that made me bear the disgust.

After a while, Tee walked in just as Boye was getting off me, he said it was time to leave.

On the way he seemed a little off-key, he told me he did not go all the way with Boye’s girlfriend. He said he did not feel it was right, just then I began to feel guilty.

One week after the shady deal at Boye’s place, Tayo broke up with me. He said he could not believe that I would go all the way with his best friend.

He said what I and Boye did was shameful and as such was a dent on his pride, he claimed his heart was broken.

I tried to tell him that I did it to please him, but he said it was a very foolish thing to do, he accused me of infidelity.

I am certain I would not have done such an irrational thing but for the alcohol and the drive to satisfy Tees thirst for adventure.

Tee says we must call it quits, I say we are on recess. I need my man back, help me convince him that I have never and will never cheat on him or do anything to hurt his ego.

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