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My girlfriend never has time for me; I’m so worried

Dear Bukky,

Good day, I’m having this issue in my love life. I have this girl we have been friends for some years before we started dating in 2016 but I have not been around for a bit until recently when I returned to the country.

But she’s always busy at work, something that has started about a couple of months back.

I had met my classmate on social media and where we started chatting in between this time. I told her about my girlfriend. Regardless, we kept getting along very closely.

By the time I arrived in Nigeria, my girlfriend was so busy that she couldn’t see me but my classmate was eager to see me that she even sent me some money to me before I came back home.

We met and had intimacy. She has been there for me since then till now. But the truth is that I don’t want to lose her or my girlfriend who happens to not be giving me that attention I need.

What do I do now? I don’t know if she is truly busy or just avoiding me. I really love her so I can’t tell her about my classmate. But I have not slept with my girlfriend but I have with my classmate. Because she my babe is always busy.


Dear reader,

I think you are getting it wrong, dear friend.

If you have a girlfriend and there’s something wrong in your relationship, the first thing to do at any point is to talk about it.

Especially in a situation that has been left to fester up till this moment. I wouldn’t advise anything else than a conversation with your girl.

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You are already having doubts about her behavior towards you.             And frankly you don’t need these doubts when you can easily just hit her up and ask questions.

“’What’s up?’ ‘Are we good?’ ‘What are we doing?’ ‘Are you still feeling this relationship?’ ‘Why are we not creating more time for each other?’”

Until you delve into questions as this, you won’t know where the relationship with your girl is headed. I think you should do that ASAP. So you don’t end up losing both ways.


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