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My husband impregnated someone else; what am I to do? – Lifestyle News

Dear Bukky,

I am a married woman and I’m so confused because while there’s nothing I don’t do for my man, I think he’s still cheating on me.

At some point, he started being close to this girl. When I asked him what was going on, he said they are just friends. Things got worse when he started keeping late nights and he no longer has time for his family even during weekends.

I kept on asking what was going on. He said he’s always busy at work. Recently I heard that he has a child with the same girl I have been confronting him about. I asked him, and at first he was refusing, but it happened that I found pictures of him and baby.

Now he is apologizing that I am the only woman he wants. I am so confused because there is nothing I don’t do for him. At the moment, I’m planning on leaving him but then I’m thinking maybe he is being true.

I have been asking myself that what will make him change now, because I have been complaining about his friendship with the girl for so long. Please help.

Dear reader,

There is no way to know that he has changed, neither is there any way to know that he doesn’t mean this promise.

Knowing what to do in this situation is about checking his track record. How great has he been over the years about keeping his words? Apparently not that great. So, frankly, if you want to keep being with this man, I think you do so at the great risk of having that relationship hanging over you for a while longer.

It may even be more, seeing as a baby is about to enter into the picture. He can’t stay away from her now because he is the father of her unborn child. And he’d need to perform his duties in that capacity.

This is not to say he cannot really change and become a better man. This is a risk you should be willing to take.

It’s either that or just consider all the times he has refused to change as promised, and get out of the relationship now.
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