My Ideal Man Has To Be God-fearing And Be Very Very Rich, I Can’t Stand Stingy Poor Men, It Gives Me Fever

Delectable Nollywood actress and producer, Dayo Amusa, is the cover star of KOKO magazine latest’s issue.

KOKO Weekly Magazine: Unapologetical Dayo Amusa Opens Up On Career, Life And Family

In the accompanying interview, the curvaceously beautiful actress opens up about her life, family  and career. We hope you enjoy the interview and much as we enjoyed speaking with her.

1. Tell us who Dayo Amusa is in your own word? Personally Dayo Amusa is a very homely person, hardworking, very consistent and a God fearing lady. Professionally she is an actress, singer, movie maker and an entrepreneur.

2. How does it feel being a successful actress in the Nigeria entertainment industry? I feel good and fulfilled although it has its own challenges. But I thank God for the journey so far. I believe I’m growing. So I feel fulfilled.

3. Can you tell us what motivated you towards being an actress? Nothing actually prompted me to venture into the entertainment industry. It was something I grow up knowing that I have zeal for.

4. Tell us the kind of movie role you will never play? Nudity to some extent but not to the extreme.

5. Can you go bald in the name of a movie? I have and I will if the script is good and the role is challenging to the extent that taking it will make me grow from one platform to a better one.

6. Do you believe Nigeria movie industry is challenging for females? I don’t think so . I disagree

7. If you weren’t an actress, what profession would you have chosen?  Anything that has to do with a lot of talking. Either I’m into business fully or probably a field marketer.

8. You’re beautiful and we must say you are a woman of good character, can you tell us about your ideal man? My ideal man has to be God fearing and rich. A God fearing man has it all, When you are God fearing you tend to do the right thing and the right time and at the right place. And he also has to be very very rich. I can’t stand stingy poor men, It gives me fever.

9. Can you marry a man who already has a child? Yes, it doesn’t stop him from loving me and doesn’t stop us from having a good family.

10. Between a white wedding and a traditional wedding which do you think is more important? The both. However, white wedding can be done with no family and family is everything. So I would prefer a traditional wedding that involves the two families and friends.

11. How do you balance your career with personal life? Everything has a structure; the fact that I’m self employed gives me the room to draw the chart of my time table and I have a way of structuring and balancing my life, career and private life.

12. If you are to choose between your career and a healthy relationship, which one will it be? I’m not a career woman 100%. I value and appreciate family and good relationship. If I meet the right man , I don’t have to forgo one for one. Instead I think he will be the one to help build me and my career alongside we having a very good relationship.

13. Reports has it that you and Faithia Balogun are not in good terms, do you think you will ever reconcile with her? Me and Faithia Balogun are in good terms; we don’t have any issue. So there is nothing to reconcile between us.

14. Tell us the Nigerian food you will never be caught eating? I’m a typical African woman that appreciate African delicacy , be it Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa food as long as it’s tasty, spicy and yummy.

15. What should every woman try at least once in her life? Making herself happy.

16. What brings you the greatest joy? Making sure all the people around me are comfortable.

17. Top 5 people you will invite to your wedding from the entertainment industry? Rita Dominic, Bimbo Akintola, Faithia Balogun, Sola Sobowale and Madam Saje.

18. Tell us the one thing you wish you knew when you were younger? I wish I knew this is how the journey of entertainment will look like. Maybe there are some few things i might have done better.

19. Who is your hero?  My mom, I learnt from her majority of the things that helped me at every phase of my life.

20. Tell us your best part of a traditional wedding? I like the junction at which the bride has to go and pick the item that is more precious to her among all that were brought by her husband’s family.

21. What is your take on feminism? I’m indifferent, very very indifferent.

22. Tell us one quote you live by?  To be at the right place at the right time.

23. Are you currently working on any project? Yes, in terms of music , I’m dropping an EP vey soon. In movies, I have two films to be released soon.

24. Any advice for young ones who aspire to be like you? My advice is they should always believe in themselves. Know your strength, understand your dream and know how to pursue your dream as all fingers are not equal.