My Personal Life Has Gone Through Turmoil And Now, The Sun Shines Bright On All I Do – Toke Makinwa

Nigerian media personality and businesswoman Toke Makinwa has expressed some gratitude to God, noting that the amount of progress she has made keeps reminding her that there is a God.
The author and actress said this in an tweet she shared on the microblogging app, noting that her life has gone through so much turmoil and now, the sun shines so bright on everything she lays her hands on.Toke Makinwa
“The sun is shinning so bright on everything I touch, I’m so thankful to God cos my personal life has gone thru so much turmoil, all I use to get through the stress is work and when I see how much progress I’ve made, I’m reminded there is a God”, she wrote.
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In another tweet, Toke Makinwa then thanked her team for always making things happen. According to her, they are the amazing people who keep the wheel turning. “I’m nothing without my team, the amazing people that keep the wheel turning too. Thank you, she wrote.

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