After working for weeks or say months in a spa, a tweep has declared that his wife will never go to a spa alone.
@Alan_yournextbf in some tweets he put out on the streets of Twitter, revealed how he worked in as a masseur in his final year and would massage women, single, dating and married and how they would moan as Masseurs hands go down their bodies.
“This isn’t something I’m proud of but in my final year I worked in a spa, I gave body massages to single, dating & married women and I can say this with all confidence that any woman can cheat on you when the mood is right.
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“You listen to the sound of their moans when your hand moves smoothly around their backs, you decide to take I a step further by grabbing their ass but they don’t stop you, instead they moan louder. Let me not say more than this, what I sha know is that my wife will not go to any spa without me following her”, he concluded.My Wife Will Never Go To A Spa Alone - Masseur

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