N-Power January Stipend: Scheme Speaks On When Payment Will Commence

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The Nigerian government’s N-Power Scheme has assured beneficiaries that payment for January stipend “will commence shortly”, Concise News reports.

This writer understands that beneficiaries (approximately 500, 000 of them) under the famed scheme of the Muhammadu Buhari administration are yet to be paid their January, 2020 allowance of N30, 000.

The situation has left the volunteers furious with the government, as their pay is usually delayed.

One Jibrin Ibrahim had lamented the delayed payment on Twitter on Friday.

He wrote: “@npower_ng goodmorning to you all @the Ministry, beneficiaries are suffering due to lack of on time payment by the govt and yet no statement about the delay in their monthly stipend.”

Replying to Ibrahim, the official account of the Job Creation and Empowerment Initiative of the Social Investment Programme of the Nigerian Government offered their apology.

“Apologies for the delay, payment will commence shortly,” N-Power responded.

The Buhari administration prides the N-Power scheme as one of its major achievements.

However, irregular payment, coupled with uncertainty surrounding the fate of the pioneer beneficiaries have made most volunteers to express their frustration on social networks frequently.

. N-Power January Stipend: Scheme Speaks On When Payment Will Commence Follow Concise News.



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