N-Power Volunteers Already Requesting For March Stipend

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Some N-Power beneficiaries/Twitter

Some beneficiaries of the Federal Government’s N-Power scheme are already demanding for payment of their March stipend few days to the end of the month, Concise News reports.

N-Power graduate beneficiaries (N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, etc) are paid N30, 000 monthly (approximately 83 US Dollars). However, they do not have a consistent payday, this online news medium gathered.

Amid the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, state governments are closing down schools, markets and restricting social gatherings to prevent the spread of the dreaded disease.

This has led to calls by some beneficiaries to the FG to pay them as soon as possible so that they can stock their home with food and goods.

See some recent comments below:

. N-Power Volunteers Already Requesting For March Stipend Follow Concise News.


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