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Naja`atu Muhammad Says She Severally Held Tea Cup For Tinubu – Lifestyle Nigeria

Hajia Naja`atu Muhammad, the former director of civil societies in the Bola Tinubu Campaign has said that in the course of her long political relationship with the APC presidential candidate she had severally helped him to hold cups of tea during meetings underlying her claims of his physical incapacities.

She spoke in an interview where she asserted that Tinubu’s physical impairment are compounded by his depreciating mental faculties.

Hajia Naja`atu Muhammad assertions were countered by an ally of Tinubu’s Comrade Adewale Ayodele who affirmed that the fact that Tinubu is able to wear agabada which is heavier than a cup of tea proves his physical prowess.

Ebonyi state governement lodge Abuja

Haja`atu Muhammad spoke in an interview on Arise News Television monitored by ..

She said:

“I didn’t meet Asiwaju in APC, we met in ACN. I was ACN, I didn’t go to CPC.

We started with the G4 – Orji Kalu, Buhari, Atiku and Asiwaju and this was as way back as 2007. It was always Buhari that opted out. He didn’t want the alliance for reason best known to him because he didn’t want a contest in which he would not be the sole candidate. And he did not want a contest in which people would not step down for him. We did that once, twice and on the third time I said I will not go with Buhari because I am not his slave.

“I decided to stay with the ACN and that was when I started my interaction with Asiwaju and I know that on several occasions I had to hold the cup (of) tea for him,” Haja`atu Muhammad in furtherance of her earlier claims that Tinubu cannot hold a cup of tea.

“Everybody saw what happened when Asiwaju was given the flag. Our honourable chairman Abdullahi had to help him hold the flag. Everybody saw it. Cameras don’t lie. What bothers me more is not the physical health. There was a president in America that sat on a wheel chair and ruled from a wheel chair. But when you are mentally deranged, it is unacceptable because you can’t decipher, you can’t think.

“See what is happening in Cameroon. Let me tell you in Cameroon, they see their president in nine years once. Nigeria is not Cameroon. Nigeria is not Southern Sudan. We are far more sophisticated than that.”

“Everything about Tinubu is about himself. I have heard him say that when he sleeps the Southwest sleeps and when he wakes up, the Southwest wakes up.”

“It is not as if it is his fault but we don’t have to accept someone who cannot decipher, that is the truth.

“Why is he not going into debates? Why is he not allowed to talk even in rallies? You know what they do in rallies these days is they say let’s dance. It is an insult. Even if there are lies, lie to us, lie to us about what you want to do.”

Naja`atu Muhammad, however, did not disclose the specific instances she held the tea cup for Tinubu.

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