Nancy Isime reacts to Blessing Okoro’s claim of cosmetic surgery

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Media personality, Nancy Isime, has reacted after being called out by social media relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, over an alleged cosmetic surgery.

Blessing Okoro aka Blessing CEO in a podcast said a few Nigerian celebrities have fixed their bodies and when asked to mention names, she called Nancy’s name.

She said the presenter often uses the gym to deceive her fans and colleagues.

In reaction to this, Nancy, who is unbothered, shared new tips on how to achieve a natural weight loss.

According to her, she had gone on a no sugar challenge with vigorous exercise to lose some KGs on her body.

She posted a before and after picture on her Instagram page and wrote, “….and the day we’ve been waiting for is finally here! The results are in baby!


“3rd year in a row doing the No Sugar Challenge with Nancy and I smashed it yet again!

“I continue to prove to myself that there’s nothing I put my mind to that I can’t achieve🥹 Absolutely stoked about my Results from @nosugarnancy .

“Skin is Skinning, Abs is popping, Body feels sooo much lighter, Muscles are way more defined and even my mental health is Great!

“The goal weight was 10KG off but I built amazing lean muscles this period so that definitely adds up! Losing 10KG overall might have had me looking sickly and would have definitely had me lose all my muscles built over the years.

“Honestly hoping I can maintain and even improve on these results and control my diet a lot more because as we age our bodies really develop a mind of their own and this girl lovesss food and sweet things 😩😅, that way I won’t be in the gym constantly burning calories but building lean healthy muscles.

“Our challengers on @nosugarnancy are also excited about their results, I’m excited about it too…you need to see their results guys!!!. just might share a few later..”