Many black women suffer with postpartum shedding silently, but natural hair blogger Michelle Thames of Happily Ever Natural went public with her experience in a blog post entitled How I learned To Love and Care For My Natural Hair Postpartum. The title photo for the article shows Thames’ thick hair, circa 2013, compared to her thinner (but still gorgeous!) mane in 2016.“My thick hair began to break off, it was less dense and lacked volume. It was growing bit it was now thinner. I thought to myself that it was all in my head. But as I began to look back at pictures it was evident. I had to totally switch up my routine. Things I used to do no longer worked. I noticed that my hair was always super dry. I went from deep conditioning every 2 weeks to once a week with heat.”

Thames discusses when she began to notice the shedding, and the methods she used to combat it. Some worked and some didn’t, and she eventually had to cut off 2 inches of damaged hair, on top of losing hair due to the shedding. Through it all, Thames says she has learned to appreciate her hair for what it is;

“My hair may never return to how it was pre-baby and I’m perfectly ok with that.”

Read the full article here.


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