Natural Hair And Rainy DaysHi ladies, hope you’re enjoying the cold weather.  I am o, except for the fact that the rain tried to spoil my shine. I has trimmed and fluffed and prepped my fro to look particularly cute today. I planned to take all the pictures I could and feel as pretty as a dandelion. But the rain said “Not today sister”.

The downpour started on my way to work and before I could run to the nearest shelter, my hot hair had become a hot mess. Fortunately for me, I had my “quick fix weapons” in my handbag and it really saved me from looking like a homeless tramp today!

Here’s a list of what my armoury consists of:

 1. Satin scrunchie – I stay armed with one at all times. If your mane ends up swollen and ginormous, but not in a good way, a satin scrunchie is the best remedy from the 80s. I gently gather all of my hair on the very top of my head and loosely wrap the scrunchie around it. My tresses go from hot mess to just hot in minutes. A few strands pulled out around the perimeter give the bun a sexy, messy look.

2. Headband – sometimes a headband is all you need to salvage a hair style. It will give you a little control over what was originally a cute look while fashionably holding the hair down and off of your face. Headbands work well with any length.

3. Hairpins – keep a few hair pins on deck so that you can pull your hair back or up at a moment’s notice. No one will ever suspect that you didn’t leave the house with an adorable pinned up style initially.

4. Gel – a gel stash will be a lifesaver if caught in an unexpected downpour. You can always run your damp hands through your hair with a little gel to calm down the rain induced frizz. Aloe Vera gel is perfect for this because it is super light and does not produce crunch or flake.

What rainy day survival tips do you have?