Naturalista's Hairstyle of the Week: The Curly MohawkFellow natural haired beauties, I’ve got something for you. Most of us have troubles deciding what protective style to wear next. Well, here’s an easy one: The Curly Mohawk

This Natural hair inspired mohawks is very chic when combined with curls and braids. 

This Mohawk style suits all face shapes and works exceptionally best for round faces as it helps create a longer illusion. 

Try this hairstyle for this week; you’d be amazed at the number of compliments you’d get.

How to Style:

1. Section out a rectangle in the front central portion of your head.

2. Braid this section together all the way to the back and fasten with hair pins.

3. Braid rest of hair into desired style and pin into place.

4. Use coconut oil or any essential oil to add shine for the finishing touches.

5. If you want more volume in the middle, separate the curls with your fingers.

hairstyle cut


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