NBA YoungBoy To Receive $47K Taken By Officers During Recent Arrest: Report


There was a small victory for NBA YoungBoy today (December 17) after a judge reportedly ordered officers to return seized cash to the rapper. Back in September, we reported on the news that NBA Youngboy and several of his associates were arrested while filming a music video in Louisiana. Circumstances surrounding the arrests have been unclear, but a recent report stated that when YoungBoy was taken into custody, authorities seized $47K in cash. They’ve been holding onto the money for months, but a judge called the acquisition of the funds “illegal and unconstitutional.” 

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The Baton Rouge Police Department must return the money to the 21-year-old rapper and the District Attorney’s Office didn’t attempt to fight the motion. In September, NBA YoungBoy and 15 others were arrested and booked, but none have been charged with a crime. They were initially detained on counts related to drugs and weapons.

The Advocate reported that officers came across the NBA (Never Broke Again) and BBG (Bottom Boy Gorilla) crews filming the music video. Police referred to them as “gangs” who, when officers approached, ran from the scene. Drugs and guns were reportedly found at the scene, as well as large stashes of cash. Because of his previous run-ins with the law, YoungBoy legally isn’t allowed to be in the possession of a firearm, however, during the September incident, no weapons were found on the rapper.

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