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Never Liked Scent Leaf (Efirin)? These 7 Health Benefits Of It Will Wow You



Scent leaves are very common in our environment and  it has quite a distinctive smell and taste. You can make use of scent leaves anyway you like, it can be used as medicinal purposes and it can also be used to make native soup.
Scent leaves are beneficial to our health and it doesn’t cost much to get.
. are some of its benefits:
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1. It can cure malaria
If you want to make use of scent leaves to cure malaria, use it to make tea and drink it while it’s warm. Scent leaves contain an effective antipyretic substance to reduce fever and cure malaria.
2 Aids digestion
Scent leaves can help cool down the stomach. When you squeeze out the juice in it and drink, it treats digestive problems and relieve you almost immediately.
3. Cures diarrhea
Drinking the squeezed juice from scent leaves will stop stooling. To get the best you can add salt or lime which gives you a better taste and also ease the unnecessary bowel movement you are experiencing.
4. Lowers blood sugar
Scent leave protect the pancreas cells that produce insulin from damaging and through this may lower blood sugar; it is very good for those suffering diabetes.
5. Reduce cholesterol
If you want to reduce the amount of cholesterol that has gathered up in the body, research has shown that regularly taking the scent leave juice will help a lot in doing this.
6. Relieve heartburn
Drinking scent leaves tea is very useful for curing heartburn as it cleanses and boost the heart. It helps in taking care of respiratory problems.
7. Cures  Cough
Squeeze the scent leaves to remove juice. Take the extracted liquid and brew it with hot water. After that you can drink it. Drinking extracted Scent leaves water regularly, will reduce your cough gradually.
. Never Liked Scent Leaf (Efirin)? These 7 Health Benefits Of It Will Wow You . Lifestyle | News, Style, Living Content For The Nigerian Woman.

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