How to Never Loss Your Hair to breakage Again

The various causes of hair breakage include over processed hair, wearing braids too tight, irregular trims, not feeding your hair right, use of too many heat styling tools, using rubber bands to hold the hair, amongst others.

If you are aware of the causes of breakage, then you should be open to solutions, and further prevention, with that I give you top 5 ways to avoid breakage forever!

1. Everyday

First off, you should try to limit the manipulation of your hair. Try to avoid excessive brushing or combing as much as possible. Washing your hair every day for any hair type is never a good idea.

2. Eat Healthy

As far as diet goes, eating healthier has several advantages, stronger hair being just one of them. Foods that work well for repairing your hair are ones that are rich in protein – red kidney beans, lean meat, vegetables, etc. Keep foods that are high in sugar in moderation. Drink lots of water! As this not only saves your hair but your whole body!

3. Feed your Hair

As you feed yourself, you must feed your hair. Natures Gentle Touch Eucalyptus Anti- Hair Breakage bundle has been tested and trusted. The bundle contains 4 treatment;

Eucalyptus Anti-Hair Breakage Bundle

  1. The Weekly Anti-Breakage Shampoo
  2. Anti-Breakage Reconstruction Masque
  3. Anti-Breakage Leave-In-Serum
  4. Anti-Breakage Control

4. Enjoy your gorgeous mane

5. Repair & Moisturize Weekly – With your Eucalyptus Hair Breakage Solutions

Remember, excessive hair breakage if left untreated could lead to a state of irreversible hair loss.

What are your natural hair challenges?  


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