NEW Powerful Electric Herb/Tobacco Grinder Crushes Herbs or Tobacco in Less Than 10 Seconds –Guaranteed!


Do you smoke?

Are you tired of your herb/tobacco gumming or sticking together?

Are you tired of dealing with seeds and stems in your herb/tobacco?

Have you wondered if there was an easier way to roll and package your tobacco/herb?

Do you want to have your herb/tobacco ready to smoke very fast in less than 10 seconds?

If you want to prepare your herbs/tobacco for smoking, you have to twist it and turn it using your hands to get the job done. This whole process takes a lot of time and is stressful.

And even then…

Your herb/tobacco will still have some seeds and clumps in it because it is not smooth. 

This usually punctures your rizla (rolling paper) and does not make it roll well

This is why the offer I am about to make you is very fantastic


Don’t stress yourself!


Our New to market and powerful electric grinder will do all the hard work for you.

It is very simple and easy to use. Just press the button and It will give you the POWER to quickly and easily grind your favourite herb/tobacco. 

It uses 3 finger batteries to spin 6 powerful, sharp, stainless-steel blades at very high speeds to grind your herbs/tobacco in less than 10 seconds.

Whether you like your herbs/tobacco chopped coarse or ground into a fine powder this is your new toy.




7 Reasons Why You Should Get This Electric Grinder for Yourself Today Before It Sells Out Fast.

• It will save you time. You will crush your herb/tobacco very fast in less than 10 seconds

• You will be able to easily put it in your FREE roller and roll it very fast

• It will grind your herb/tobacco very well and make it stronger

• Look cool in front of your friends

• You can carry it in your pocket and go anywhere. It is very portable

• It can hold plenty of herbs/tobacco at once

Our 2764 satisfied customers have given this powerful electric grinder a 5-star rating. Just take a look at what this very satisfied customer has to say.




I want this powerful Electric Herb/Tobacco Grinder and a FREE! Roller as BONUS

Currently selling at a discount of N9,500 for the next 24 hours only then it will go back to its original price of N15,000. Order now and also get a Fast selling herb/tobacco roller worth N5000, FREE of charge.

Buy now for only N9,500 and save N10,500 total (50% Discount). Limited time offer.




****You can buy in bulk and resell at original market price and make 100% profit***


To Order, contact us on WhatsApp (09026177000) or click this link here

or Call 09026177000 NOW

We Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

If your grinder doesn’t get the job done in 10 seconds or less, you will get your full money back. No questions asked!


To Order, contact us on WhatsApp (09026177000) or click this link here

or Call 09026177000 NOW


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