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New relationship concepts you should know about in 2019

Relationships, like our society, evolves. Maybe not as slowly, but you get the point, right?

In this age of millennial loving, and social-media-influenced affections, things change so fast and trends come up every time.

Ghosting, benching and other relationship concepts were not known with those as what they are few years back but are now firmly part of the dating game.

So it’s a new year and with it comes new relationship and dating terms that you should know.

According to Eugénie Legendre of Happn, a dating app, here are all the new dating trends you should look out for this year:

Cookie Jarring

Nigerian acclaimed relationship doctor, Joro Olumofin, once shared an opinion in 2018 about the necessity of having a backup partner in case the main one decides to pull out of the relationship.

Cookie Jarring is the cool, shiny new term to describe that concept.

“Give yourself time to get to know someone without the influence of anyone else and if things just don’t work out, then that’s okay – try to understand why and learn from it could give you valuable insight into what you are looking for in the next potential candidate for your affection,” says Legendre.


Is the person you’re seeing hot and cold? They just may be prowling.

These people come on strong, disappear, and come back right before you let them go without an explanation.

“This right here is what we call a prowler, toying around with people’s emotions, so keen to hunt you down one minute but then there’s no trace of them the next. The prowler is always more hassle and hurt than they are worth,” Legendre tells Yahoo.


Pretty much this is a term that describes the situation of being kept as a secret. You’re hidden from the person’s friends, family and the public eye.

“If you aren’t being introduced to his or her friends and family within months of spending time together, then it might be time to open your eyes because you have been pocketed,” explains Legendre to Yahoo Style UK.

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