A new study claims the happiest years of everyone’s lives are their early 20’s and 80’s. It also claims happiness starts to dwindle at mid 20’s for about 40 years till one clocks 65.Never again will you enjoy the freedom and thrills of your 20s. 

They say it decreases drastically with middle-age as money and job worries and family take over.

Dr Ioana Ramia, from the University of New South Wales in Australia, said:

 ‘Satisfaction over life decreases after the early 20s, plateaus for about 40 years and then increases from about 65 up.’ ‘It (happiness) then stays till low, but increases slightly, and is the highest around the age of 80.’So that’s something to look forward to.’

Couples also reported greatest satisfaction at life just before having their first child and a dip from their first year of life through to when the child reaches six years old and started school.


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