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New Study Says One In Three Women Watch Po rn At Least Once A Week ……Do You Believe That?



Are you one of the women who find adult movies entertaining?

Recently, a research from University of Western Ontario found that female po rnography watchers are more likely to be feminists—and today, a new survey says one in three women watch por.nography at least once a week.

Contrary to popular misconceptions that women do not mostly want to have anything to do with the adult movie industry, we are being told by several surveys that, women take enough interest just as men when it comes to po rn.

The Independent reports that the 1 in 3 research by Typeform for Marie Claire also shows “how the digital age has made po rn more accessible: 90 per cent of the 3,000 female respondents said they watched it online and two-thirds said they watched it on their smartphones,

”According to the survey,  31 per cent of the women said they watched po.rn every week and another 30 per cent said they did so a few times a month.

And as to what they watch, the percentages were;

63% of the women watch Heterosexual, 44% Lesbian, 31% It’s a mixed bag, 28% Hard-core, 26% Soft-core, 13% Gay male.

Note that the research was conducted using UK women and therefore does not necessary apply to Nigerian women—but at least, it gives an idea as to how things are changing…



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