Neyma Mozambique’s Darling And National UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

If there’s is a celebrity in Mozambique that the entire nation adores, not just for talent but humanitarian activities, then the name Neyma will be shouted from the mountains tops.

Born in Maputo, Neyma Julio Alfredo is a Mozambican singer, dancer, actor and model that first gained national recognition when she won second place on Fantasia, a national singing competition.

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In the summer of 2005, Neyma released Arromba, her most popular album to date which sold more than 40,000 copies in Mozambique alone and had an outstanding sale internationally. The album was well received in Angola, Cape Verde, and Portugal. The album features the self-titled single, Arromba which is kizomba genre. Another single off the album which was well received was Lirrandzo, which turned out to be the most popular song the year, and Arromba turned out to be the summer anthem of 2005.

Known for her contemporary style of Marrabenta music, and identity with the Mozambican people, she’s recorded several albums, racked up numerous awards at the  Mozambique Music Awards, and won the African Entertainment Award USA for Best Female Artist in the Palop Region in 2015. And is that isn’t enough to keep her busy, she’s also a national UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Photo Credit: Getty