Nicki Minaj Celebrates Wedding Anniversary With Her Son’s Foot Photo

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Nicki Minaj Celebrates Wedding Anniversary With Her Son’s Foot Photo

Nicki Minaj Shares First Photo Of Her Baby Boy As She Celebrates Wedding Anniversary With Kenneth Petty
Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty welcomed their first child together earlier this month. While she’s been receiving congratulatory messages, loves and support from fans, she’s also been getting gifts from top brands for her new baby..

After revealing the gender of her baby, Nicki sent appreciations to Beyonce, Kanye, Kim and more for their gifts and wishes.

Last Sunday, Nicki Minaj shared adorable gifts she got from Kanye West for her baby boy, including Yeezy snickers and Dolce & Gabbana wears.

Well, the rapper is celebrating her wedding anniversary with Kenneth Petty this week and, to commemorate this moment, it looks like the rap legend felt like giving her fans a look into her personal life, sharing a picture of her adorable little boy’s tiny foot.

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Happy Anniversary, my love,” Nicki wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. But fans are still patiently waiting for the official reveal of her baby, as well as his name.

Today marks one-year anniversary of the date Nicki and Kenneth tied the knot. The picture shows their baby’s small foot being caressed by Kenneth’s hand.

Congratulations to the couple on one year of marriage!


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