Nicki Minaj Returned To Instagram With Colorful Hairstyles


It’s hard to deny how much we all missed Nicki Minaj during her three-month-long social media hiatus. Those booty dance videos she often shares, her vibes and, of course, her fearless choice of style was highly missed. But the good news? Mrs. Petty is back to the ‘gram and not only are fans already feeling her vibes but Nicki made the return with jaw-droppingly colorful hairstyles. 

The rapper who announced back in October last year that she’s now married to her boyfriend Kenneth Petty, showed up to the social media over the weekend, sharing new photos of her and the husband. She also shared that her ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ video is out, as well as writing a condolence message to the untimely demise of Kobe and Gianna Bryant. But unfortunately, none of those got our collective gaze than Nicki’s hair. 

Although it’s nothing new for a rapper who’s basically known for experimenting with every hair color, from rose gold hair, green and blue, black, to red hot hair, Nicki rocked ’em all with either matching outfit or accessory.

She returned back 4 days ago with a picture of her in this bodysuit and a waist-length, rose-gold hair.

After two days Nicki also posted another photo, sporting a super long black hair.

Later on the same day, she shared a totally different photo with her husband but this time, wearing a shoulder bouncing green hair, which was offset with a matching outfit.

And as hot as fire, she switched into a red hot hair last night. 

Before her social media hiatus, the singer had sent fans into a frenzy that she was retiring from music. Making the announcement, Nicki explained via Twitter that she wants to retire and have her own family. “I’ve decided to retire & have my family. I know you guys are happy now. To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, [X] in the box- cuz ain’t nobody checkin me. Love you for LIFE,” she wrote.

But Mrs. Petty, however, was quick to delete . after the tweet was misinterpreted by fans. As she further explained in an interview with The Shade Room, the 37-years-old made it known that she wasn’t done quite yet. “When I posted that retirement tweet, I knew that I still had music that I already had recorded that was still going to come out,” she said. “So the retirement was kind of talking about my album, meaning like, ‘Do I want to go back and record my fifth album?\’” 


Nicki Minaj Returned To Instagram With Colorful Hairstyles

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