Nigeria Has Been Invaded By Leftists With Damaging Ideologies – Adamu Garba

A former APC presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has stated that Nigeria is being invaded by leftists with damaging ideologies.

In a series of tweets, Garba accused leftists of promoting divorce, same sex marriage and working towards the destruction of family.

Garba stated this in defense of his support for almajiri system which has been heavily criticized of late on social media.

He wrote: “The concept of almajiri system started 800 years ago & is here to stay.

This is how leftist starts: recruit internal agents, condemn the roots of the Quran in your societies by attacking the essence of its memorization, until they make you see it as periphery, no it’s the core.

They leftist have penetrated NIGERIA including the north, so beware. They are anti-life & an-identity.

They don’t want you to marry opposite but same sex, they want you to be ashamed of your cultural roots. They love divorce, destruction of families & spread fake news all over.

Polygamy is your African culture, they said it’s bad. Marriage is your pride, they said it’s not needed, children are nurtured by mother’s, they asked you to dumb them in day care or don’t born at all.

Meanwhile they spread fakes news by by frightening you with poverty & shame.

They love divorce, sponsor same sex advocates under the guise of right movements & condemn your children with poverty. Meanwhile God clearly said: All Children come with their Blessings” but they said children are curse & breeds poverty, frustration & destitution.

Fake News.

They’re all over in all locations, feeding you with fake ideals while taking off your realities from you.

They’re heavily depended on papers they produced in form of statistics, tailored to their believes.

They trend more often with nicely contructed messages. Beware with them.

The leftist have failed in Asia, Europe & they’ll fail in Africa starting from Nigeria.

Many of you here are gullible agents unknowingly.

The attack on almajiranci in the north is our share, as was done to the south years back on birth control & reduce your population & power.

Do not let them penetrate your homes, families, societies or destroy your culture, tradition & values.

Don’t let them offset the natural order of life in your surroundings.

Marry women, born children, keep your families. Be a good husband/wife & obey your parents. Obey the laws”.

. Nigeria Has Been Invaded By Leftists With Damaging Ideologies – Adamu Garba Follow Concise News.


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