Nigeria records highest mobile web traffic globally

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Nigeria was found to have the highest mobile web traffic globally beating even India, as the African nation spurs such conditions with affordable data and handsets.

Developing nations are more likely to have higher mobile traffic due to the lack of fixed-line infrastructure and services. In Nigeria, 82.63% of the internet was browsed on mobile phones, while in India the share of mobile web traffic was at 73.8%, according to stats from Nigeria and India combined account for 20% of the global population.

The country with the third-highest mobile data traffic is 68.52% and is the first European nation on the list. Other countries to have high web traffic on handhelds are Singapore, China, and the United Arab Emirates, with all those countries having more than 60% of traffic through phones, while the worldwide average is 54.86%.

Developed nations still have high mobile web traffic, at least between 40% to 50%. The Republic of Ireland has the highest share of mobile web traffic among Western European nations at 59.39%, followed by Spain (51.46%), Italy (49.54%), France (48.91%), and Sweden (47.99%).

European powerhouses the UK (47.20%) and Germany (43.81%) have less mobile web traffic than the United States (48.77%).

Web traffic on mobiles consistently increased over the last decade, according to In 2011 mobile phones accounted for 4% to 8% of total web traffic, since December 2021 the figure increased to 54.86%

StockApps editor Vyom Chaudhary said: “The disparity between different nations is down to multiple reasons. One of the major factors is the availability of cheap mobile internet in various developing economies.

“Furthermore, the relatively easier access to mobile phones over computers allows the former to become the preferred mode for internet users in developing economies.”