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Becoming a second wife have suddenly become a norm in the world of celebs as we seem to have a couple of second wives in the industry most especially Nollywood.

These have given them a bad reputation as they are tagged home wreckers by a lot of online family following the recent increase in husband snatching.

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In this article, I will be dropping 5 celebrities who didn’t get smooth landing as second wives so keep scrolling .

Judy Austin

Actress Judy Austin came to the public eye after she had a son for co star, Yul Edochie who was already married with four kids; a girl and 3 boys.

As expected, the public dragged her for being a homewrecker but the actress is quite unbothered about the public’s opinion.

Nuella Njubiogo

On March 29, 2014, Nuella Njubiogo married Tchidi Chikere, a film director who had previously been married to actress Sophia Chikere for six years and had three children in her family property in Anambra State.

The people did not approve of Nuella Njubiogo’s connection with Tchidi.

Nuella has been labeled as a home wrecker by many.

Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe

On Tuesday, January 25, 2022, Mercy Aigbe made her new spouse, Kazim Adeoti, public. They allegedly married in secret in December of last year, according to rumors.

In . which Mercy Aigbe made she referred to herself as Hajia Minnah.

Kazim Adeoti is still legally married to Funsho Adeoti, with whom he has three children, therefore their union has sparked a lot of controversy.

Funsho Adeoti who had threatened the actress to take down the pictures she took in the house which she claims belong to her got no reply from the actress instead she took more pictures in the house.

Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson married Prince Odianosen Okojie in 2011, and the couple has four children. Mrs. Lovely Okojie, Prince’s estranged wife, wrote an open letter to Mercy Johnson in 2011 pleading with her to release her husband and find a single guy to marry.

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Mercy Johnson was in Europe at the time, planning her wedding to Prince Okojie. Lovely Okojie alleged that Prince Odi Okojie is the biological father of her two children and that he was still legally married to her at the time.

Funke Akindele

Nollywood actress, Funke wasn’t left behind as she was dragged by Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls for snatching someone’s husband.

According to Cutie Julls, Funke snatched JJC Skillz from his previous mistress who had a son for him.

It read;

“Omo na so I hear as I enter cambawell o. Them day huge preek wey many women dey pay small small dey enjoy am, n him one aunty com from nowhere, as the preek enter am Wella, she con husband the man. Abeg them say that particular preek sweet and huge wella so to maintain am, as a woman you must pay. Sis con start with work. Hijack the huge stick for herself. Don’t forget the preek was for each and everyone o especially immediate babymama. Sissy con snatch and even relocate am so other women no go see chop some. Now wahala, abeg make I get home first”.

“Ha! You cannot collect huge sweet African gbola from person and respect long term peace of mind o. And for men wey think sey na them get huge gbola pass so them go use am milk women, Nawa for una”.