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Nigerian lady denied entry into government office over indecent dressing

A Nigerian lady has taken to her twitter page to express shock after security officers at a government office refused her entry into the office complex over ‘indecent dressing’.

According to the lady @1feyinwao, this same government office requires married women to provide a letter of permission from their husbands before they can travel outside Nigeria.

Sharing the photo of herself in the outfit she was wearing, she wrote:

I was refused entry into a government office today because my dress was “indecent”. This is the dress I was wearing.

This same government office requires married women to submit a letter of PERMISSION from their husbands to travel. This is Nigeria.

I asked the security guard what was so indecent about my dress, and he said it was short. An older lady wearing a fitted dress that was the same length as mine walked interjected, I told her not to bother and I left.

She then further decried the rate at which women are being disrespected in the country

That’s how my defender would’ve been kicked out too. Let’s not pretend that women have any rights or are treated with respect in this country. ESPECIALLY young, single women. At this point, I can’t even get angry

Nigerian lady denied entry

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14-Year-Old Boy Forced To Marry His Older Girlfriend He Impregnated

A trending Video shows how a 15-year-old girl was married off to a 14-year-old boy in one of the south eastern states in Nigeria.

According to reports, the 14-year-old boy was forced to marry a girl who is a year older than he is because he impregnated her.

In the video making rounds online, the father of the bride gave her out to the young boy advising her to be careful as she is no longer in her father’s house.

The youngest couple’s facial expression has sparked outrage on social media with some web users condemning the act in its entirety.

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“God Let My Husband Be So Broke So He Won’t Have Money To Cheat” – Nigerian Lady

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In an era where cheating abounds, it’s often believed that men who are broke find it hard to cheat because obviously it takes a heavy pocket to get a woman dancing to their groove.

As a result, this lady whose identity was not revealed by Joro believes that if her man is poverty-stricken, she won’t think of jumping from one woman to the other because most men cheat because they have the money.

“God please let my husband be so broke so he won’t have money to cheat and he will love me and cherish me. Let me be the head of the family in terms of money. When he is broke side chick won’t want him. I pray this for myself and all ladies reading this in Jesus name Amen. We ladies deserve peace. This is the only solution. Take a man’s money away he will be a loyal husband. Every lady reading this. I wish this for you all. Happiness. Amen.”

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