Nigerian man surprises wife

Ladies and gentlemen… If you marry the right woman, you’d just find yourself falling in love with her over and over again.

A Nigerian man recently surprised his wife with a Brand new Benz GLK 350 just to show her love and say “thank you for loving me back”. The car is worth $35,995 (12 million naira). Instagram page, Instagram page @aaaawwwhh, who packaged the surprise wrote;

“Part 1: so we got a call from @jahs_own wanting to put a smile on wifey’s face.Imagine you waking up and you have absolutely no idea what the day got for you…… *clears throat* so you are just sitting on your own jejely and a Benz GLK 350 comes knocking with a royal hug

……. there was absolutely ‘NO OCCASION’ just a way of saying ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nigerian men are the MOST romantic men alive, if your man is not like @Jahs_own then you MIGHT just be in the wrong relationship #lol or if he is not romantic, just give him our contact……… I salute all ‘Yoruba Angle’s’ out there making efforts to put a smile on your loved ones faces, we pray money will never finish in your hands in Jesus name Love is such a powerful weapon, that we only pray we find our soul mates, I pray we marry the right person in Jesus name, the one that would love you more than you can imagine, the one that would always be giving you a ROYAL HUG”


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