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Nigerian man surprises wife with a Benz GLK 350 just to say “Thank You” and “I love you”



Nigerian man surprises wife

Ladies and gentlemen… If you marry the right woman, you’d just find yourself falling in love with her over and over again.

A Nigerian man recently surprised his wife with a Brand new Benz GLK 350 just to show her love and say “thank you for loving me back”. The car is worth $35,995 (12 million naira). Instagram page, Instagram page @aaaawwwhh, who packaged the surprise wrote;

“Part 1: so we got a call from @jahs_own wanting to put a smile on wifey’s face.Imagine you waking up and you have absolutely no idea what the day got for you…… *clears throat* so you are just sitting on your own jejely and a Benz GLK 350 comes knocking with a royal hug

……. there was absolutely ‘NO OCCASION’ just a way of saying ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nigerian men are the MOST romantic men alive, if your man is not like @Jahs_own then you MIGHT just be in the wrong relationship #lol or if he is not romantic, just give him our contact……… I salute all ‘Yoruba Angle’s’ out there making efforts to put a smile on your loved ones faces, we pray money will never finish in your hands in Jesus name Love is such a powerful weapon, that we only pray we find our soul mates, I pray we marry the right person in Jesus name, the one that would love you more than you can imagine, the one that would always be giving you a ROYAL HUG”

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