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Nigerian mother brings a saxophonist & fireworks to mark son’s birthday at school, his . is priceless (video)



There’s a trending video of a mother who surprised her son on his birthday, in his school.

The video has been making rounds on Social media, and has earned the accolades of many, while others condemned the act.

Apparently, the mother employed the service of a saxophonist to sing a birthday song to the boy… She also had fireworks on his cake.

The boy who was surprised by this act opened his mouth in disbelief as the saxophonist made his way into the boy’s class, and a cake was brought in, while the teacher was teaching.

Even his classmates were shocked beyond words. They showed their astonishment on their faces.

See the video below:

Some .s;

@isemede_f: Nonsense. If every parent does this what time would be left to learn. It’s class time for the kids sake. Do this during break or do it at home

@_necheeee: Imagine if she came to school and he is serving punishment.

@mienz_06: Why not use that money to get him a school uniform…. Wasted priority 🤔🤔

@joy_iyamu: The teacher jappaaaa as balloon burst 😂😂😂😂 seriously, this surprise thing is becoming can the mom interrupt a class like that🙄🙄🙄

@flexbent: His coming back home anyways why disrupt the whole class… Or better still wait and surprise him at closing time. Bad mother if he fail now she wud beat nonsense out of him

@sysavanemuhammed: Can people please take their nonsensical need for Internet validation out of children’s learning environment… Please, thank you

@rhefentze: Why isn’t he in school uniform thou or rather y is he not wearing da same clothes as other kids?

@bestbagng: This is the reason most schools don’t tolerate Birthday effects. Those kids who’s parents are not available will be affected in some way. Also this is a major distraction. Happy birthday young man🎈🎈🎈.

@dejideyemi: I paid exorbitant amountas school feesand my ward Is being distracted this way. That school will burn.

@krs_tyana: All of you shouting distraction, please is it a day surprise.. how many minutes does this take. You all have issues. A moment of happiness, even the kids are all happy and you all think this lil moment will not make them be ben Carson or bill gate tomorrow. Over serious pipu. Shioor radarada

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