Nigerian Singers And Lyricists Often Sexually Objectify Women

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On-Air Personality, Mannie Essien is of the opinion that Nigerian singers in delivering their lyrics often objectify women, thereby helping to propagate the culture of sex as a man’s birthright which pervades our society today.


MannieThe Cool FM presenter who disclosed this during an Instagram live session says that these lyrics are degrading and disappointing because they are supposed to be love songs.

Mannie said, “Somebody used a term to describe a woman saying ‘I will chop you finish’, what is chop you finish? When a boy listens to that song and sees a woman he would think he can chop the woman finish.”

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Expressing his disappointment, Mannie said he evaluated the lyrics of a number of songs clouding the airwaves and was disappointed at the sort of suggestive lyrics they carried.

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“I sat down one day and I analysed a number of love songs that have been released in this country. Is love the only thing to sing about? And the love songs are very suggestive and demeaning. When you hear a song like that, how do you want a guy to have respect for a woman when all the songs he listens to describe women as objects you can pound and chew.

“And if you don’t like me I have somebody else who will like me if you like pack and go. We have songs like that that are not encouraging boys to respect women.”

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