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Nigerian Woman Opens Up About Having A Child Via

No matter how far we want to believe we have come as Nigerians, there are still certain things that are taboo to talk about even though these issues affect thousands of people. This is why the bravery of women like Solabomi Garba will continue to inspire many.

Many couples struggle for years (even decades) to have a baby. Some of them have no clue there’s an alternative to the traditional means of procreation mostly because no one talks about it. Having a child via is something that still sounds foreign to a lot of people.  Solabomi talks about how her decision to go this route has brought her great joy.

In an episode of DANG Monologue, she reveals how she finally became a mother via after waiting for 11 years.

child via

(Photo: YouTube via DANG Network)

She began by addressing the fear that some may experience about having that mother-child connection with a child that developed in a surr.te’s womb for nine months.

“There’s nothing to worry about. The connection is instant! Just like that!”

Solabomi explained that some of her friends are still waiting to have children, but she considers herself lucky to have the opportunity she did. She talked about how emotional she was when the baby was placed in her arms for the first time. She also had some advice for women who are trying to conceive. 

Don’t let anybody put you down,” she said.” You will get the subtle messages… people telling you, “go and get pregnant for somebody else. Your husband won’t know. You’re doing him a favour or leave him. Try somebody else, if you get pregnant, get an abortion.” I’ve heard it all. The best thing out of this experience is, finally, I’m carrying a child that I don’t have to return.”

Watch her share her story in the video below:

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