Nigerians React As Magu Says Corruption Caused Coronavirus


EFCC Chairman Ibrahim Magu/File

Nigerians are shocked over the statement credited to the Acting chairman of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, that corruption is the cause of the deadly coronavirus.

But speaking on Tuesday on the side effects of corruption, during the passing out parade of 281 cadets of the EFCC Detective Inspector Course-5, at the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, Magu said the social vice was the cause of coronavirus.

“EFCC has zero tolerance for corruption as our mandate is to kill corruption as corruption is worse than all the diseases we have now and I strongly believe coronavirus is caused by corruption,” the EFCC boss said on Tuesday.

“Corruption is a huge burden to our nation it has spread to insecurity, poverty, unemployment, falling standard of education, weak access to affordable health care, falling infrastructure and so many others.”

Officially named COVID-19, the deadly coronavirus – similar to the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) – broke out at a seafood market in Wuhan that reportedly sold exotic animals for consumption.

Concise News understands that the virus has now killed more than 2,000 people, all but six of them in mainland China.

It is also understood that the disease has infected more than 75,000 people, with over 1,000 cases outside mainland China – the world’s most populous nation..

Countries around the world have been flying their citizens out of the central Chinese city of Wuhan, which houses Hubei province –  the epicentre of the virus – while in Japan and Hong Kong, thousands of people have since been quarantined.

Seven new infections were confirmed in Japan Tuesday, bringing the total in the country to 68, with reports saying that along with Singapore and Hong Kong, Japan has the most cases outside mainland China.

But, in reaction, some Nigerians on social media described the EFCC Boss as ‘ignorant, others wondered why Nigerians are been led by people who make them a laughing stock.

See the reactions of Nigerians below:

Ibrahim Magu and Adamu Garba are in a competition for the crown of "Clown of the Year"

Is it that Buhari government attracts clowns or it turns people into clowns? 🤔

— 🔯⛪✝️📕❤ (@FASTnFIERCE) February 18, 2020

"I strongly believe corona virus is caused by corruption"- Magu, EFCC chairman.

Buhari is a magnet for colossal failures & incompetent mofos, #bobrisky wouldn't make such comments.

How did Nigerians (very educated & exposed) allow these sets of fucktards to Lord over them? How?

— Mazi @FestusGreen 🇳🇬 (@FestusGreen) February 18, 2020

#Nigerian public officials contribute unique research outcomes in modern medicine:

1. From @AA_Yari2015, we have it on good authority that fornication causes Meningitis.

2. From @officialEFCC Chairman, Magu, now corruption caused #coronavirus.

What causes #ElectionRigging?

— Chidi Odinkalu (@ChidiOdinkalu) February 18, 2020

Corruption is the biggest strategy to humankind. Coronavirus is caused by corruption.
-Magu EFCC Chairman.
Some of the audience started clapping for him. Both Magu and the audience that clapped are not well.

— Jaydgerald (@jaydgerald) February 18, 2020

"I strongly believe coronavirus is caused by corruption" – Magu, EFCC acting chairman.

Please where do we get these kind of people from? And how do they end up leading us?

Most importantly, how can we throw these set of people away pls? 🤦🤦

— Kelvin Odanz (@MrOdanz) February 18, 2020

Hilarious: ”Cronona Virus is caused by corruption”- Magu (EFCC Boss)

— Olúyẹmí Fásípè 🇳🇬 (@YemieFash) February 19, 2020

Breaking News: The head of EFCC magu said Corruption is the cause of #Coronavirus What is your take on this? 🤔🤔

— SULTAN OF LAGOS (@SurtanLeee) February 19, 2020

Corona Virus Comment:Mr. Ibrahim Magu should not be a JSS1 class monitor let alone head of a serious body like #EFCC. We’re better than this!

— John Danfulani (@john_danfulani) February 19, 2020

Coronavirus is cause by corruption- Magu, Chairman of EFCC.

I’m speechless 😶 just don’t know what to say anymore😭😭😭😭

— 𝕖. TalentMoney (@Real_ETM) February 19, 2020

Anytime you hear Ibrahim Magu speaking one gets disappointed, his diction is poor and it seems his intelligence is questionable too for what he said yesterday at cadets passing out.

Sadly Buhari sees him as the best despite being indicted by DSS twice and rejected by senate

— Hamma (@HAHayatu) February 19, 2020

You can judge the direction of a nation by the lies their leaders deny on TV

EFCC denying Magu blamed Corona Virus on corruption

Lai Mohamed saying he has never heard about Social Media Bill

It should not surprise you, Next Level has no direction

we have been reduced to this

— William Ukpe (@William_Ukpe) February 19, 2020

Corruption is the biggest strategy to mankind – Magu EFCC acting chairman.

These are supposed people to look up to, people who can't make intelligent statements without scripts. I finally give up.

— PROF. DANGOTE SIDE CHICK (@honilatte) February 19, 2020

Just listen to your EFCC acting chairman Magu saying that coronavirus is caused by corruption🤮

Just imagine how ignorant one must be to make such a comment 🤦‍♂️

Then the clowns that clapped at the end too🤣

— Zaddy (@Zaddy_Clinton) February 19, 2020

Corona Virus is caused by corruption – Magu.

Magu is not fit to be an admin of a WhatsApp group, not to mention a sensitive agency like EFCC.

Everything APC touches turn to dust.

— Ayemojubar (@ayemojubar) February 19, 2020

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