Nigerians support COVID-19 fight in Cameroon


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Dayo Mustapha

Nigerians based in Douala at the weekend supported the Douala City Council’s efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

They visited the main auditorium of the council, which has recorded almost half of the over 3,000 coronavirus patients in Cameroon.

Sitting at the main auditorium of the council, the City Mayor paid keen attention to President of the Nigerian community in the Littoral region, Hon B.I.C Okujiaku.

He explained Nigerians could not stay indifferent to the fight lauched by the government of their ‘second home”, commending the recently installed Douala City Mayor for the fight against COVID-19.

Mayor Roger Mbassa Dinè, while receiving an undisclosed sum of amount from the delegation, applauded the brilliance of the Nigerian commuinty, describing them as smart people while encouraging other communities to emulate them.

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“I am very satisfied with the Nigerian Community and will like to see many other communities do the same. We are Brothers and COVID-19 is a global threat. The Nigerian Community is a dynamic one and we are expecting alot from them,” he stressed.

The Mayor further declared he is development- oriented, saying the city needs the creativity of Nigerians to invest while promising them his support.

Okujiaku, who spoke with reporters after the ceremony, said: “Our support against this pandemic is a sign that goes a long way to show that our host nation is taking care of us and also that we are ready to work in line with the laws of Cameroon”.


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