A Kuwait man has divorced his new wife, 24 hours after their wedding.

Daily Mail reports that the couple had gone for their honeymoon in Saudi Arabia and what happened on their first night as a couple has been the talk of the social media since then.

The man could not ‘get his manhood up’ to do his duty as the husband on their wedding night. The lady decided to help out by calming him down, and guided him on what to do, reassuring her new husband about the situation. But this did not go down well with the man.

The man was said to have woken up early the next morning to divorce his wife and he took a flight back to his hometown on the grounds that “she is bold and rude”.

The bride’s family is now reportedly suing the groom for defaming their daughter’s reputation. The Kuwaiti groom has come in for harsh criticism on social media, with a number of Saudi bloggers branding him a ‘loser’ and calling for him to recall the divorce and apologise, according to GulfNews.

They point out that the younger generation of conservative Muslims learn about sex online and that her response to the situation did not mean she had not been a virgin on their wedding day, but simply that she knew how to use the internet.

This is not the first controversial divorce involving a Saudi couple in recent weeks.

Last month, a superstitious Saudi man divorced his wife just two days after their wedding because he considered her unlucky. The drapes in their home fell down and a waiter serving them fell too during dinner on their first day as a couple.The groom reportedly believed this meant his wife would bring him bad luck and decided it would be best to divorce her.


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