Noami Campbell Will Guide You Through Her Beauty Routine

Naomi Campbell Beauty Secrets and skincare routine


If Naomi Campbell knows how long we’ve been waiting to have a glimpse of her beauty routine, she won’t show it. At 50, the supermodel still has that captivating glamour and impossibly youthful appearance that always has us even more obsessed and while we always presume genetics plays the biggest part, it’s all about how she pampers her skin with the right beauty products since her teenage age. That’s why Vogue tapped the original supermodel to reveal her skincare secrets in a 10-minute tutorial. 

In the video, the British model revealed her beauty routine with a reference to her mother who was always teaching her when she was a kid the importance of moisturizing and keeping the skin hydrated. “I always use zinc. So zinc spray to the face,” Naomi said in the video when she started the tutorial.

After spraying the zinc sulfate, Naomi proceeded with a roller—a micro-needling tool used across her chin, jawline, and cheekbones, which according to her is from the doctor. “I’m doing this because I want to put a serum,” she explained. “I’ve been taking care of my skin since I was a child because my mother always told me I had to moisturize both face and body.”

One thing you didn’t know about Naomi Campbell is that she doesn’t like dry skin or her skin lacking gloss but shiny, sparkling skin. “I like the skin to be shiny and dewy,” she revealed in the video. “I don’t like skin to be matte and dry.” Here, go ahead and enjoy the 10 mins video below and also shop some of her beauty products.


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