Nobody Is Ready To Make Sacrifices- Zack Orji Gives Reason For High Rate Of Divorce

Veteran Actor Zack Orji has explained the reason for the high rate of divorce in today’s society. The TV star revealed that there is an increasing rate in the number of divorce cases across the country because people are not willing to make sacrifices.

Zack Orji Gives Reason For High Rate Of Divorce

Zack Orji Gives Reason For High Rate Of DivorceZack Orji explained that every couple should realize that there would be good days and bad days and make effort to hang in there and support one another as well. “I believe that a lot of people go into marriage without being prepared to make the necessary sacrifice, so at the slightest provocation, they are ready to opt out and that is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be a union for life. For better for worse. 

“In good times, you hang in there, in bad times, you stay there and you depend on God to sustain it. And if you truly believe in your marriage and love the person, your focus will not be on finding faults, it will be on doing whatever you can to make the person happy and to take the position that you should be the last person to opt out.”
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