Nollywood actor Mike Ezuruonye warns peoples to distance them selfs from bad friends, “Beware Of Bad Friends” – Lifestyle News

Mike Ezuruonye doesn’t like to change his words only to please other people. Even when he needs to say something nasty, the Nollywood actor is forthright.

Everyone would gain from having friends who always speak the truth since we can rely on them when presented with circumstances that call for their own opinions or thoughts.

In a recent article published on social media, Mike Ezuruonye cautioned against having toxic friends around since they could easily and thoughtlessly destroy one’s life.

Oscar Brown, a TikToker, who was supposedly poisoned to death by his best friend, experienced the same thing.

However, a friend could seek to take your life for more reasons other just jealousy of your achievement. Even if you’re having trouble making ends meet, your friends can still use you for rituals if the occasion arises or they can kill someone to be with their spouse or partner.

These events take place frequently, not just when you see Nollywood stars portray them on TV.

In response to the skit, Mike Ezuruonye said: “Chaiiiiiii Beware of Bad Friends.”