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Nollywood actress, Chinedu Bernard, is dead


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Nollywood actress, Chinedu Bernard, has been confirmed dead after she was taken to the hospital after a fall.

The actress was reported to have slumped in church, the Chapel of St. Leo when she was cleaning the church.

The priest, Rev. Father Uchendu Chukwuma, and some parishioners rushed her to the hospital where she was later declared dead.

Her cause of death is yet to be ascertained. However, efforts are being made to contact her family members before depositing her body in the morgue.

Her colleagues have taken to their social media accounts to express their shock and written their tributes.

Her friend and colleague, Iheme Nancy posted pictures of her on her Instagram, saying, “Just on 22nd you came all the way from Enugu to my hometown for my mother’s burial.

“You chatted me last night for me to reply you this early morning, you said Men are Mean , then you called me to check on me , asking me how am coping with my mother’s death not knowing it was the last time I will ever hear from you. Baby your dead shocked me under how many (5) hours and then ,the news of your death.

“God have mercy on your soul. I feel broken. Chi babym…. oh my goodness. when I saw your lifeless body from the video I felt numb. God reveal that which we don’t know. @chi_benards May your soul Rest In Peace.”

The actress popularly known as Choco featured in movies including The Last Manhood, The Mad, Mad love, e.t.c.

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