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Nollywood Stars Who Quit Acting That We Miss On Our ScreensZUMI



Some Nollywood stars who quit acting in the 90s made our childhood days memorable and lit, and we miss them!

Many of these former actors and actresses are icons in their own right, their roles in classic Nollywood movies set the pace for the Nollywood we’ve come to love dearly today.

As much as we stan our Adesuas and OC Ukejes, there are certain actors we would never forget. We definitely would love to see them back on our screens, but for now, let us reminisce about how they ruled the 90s and early 2000s.

1. Sandra Achums

Who can ever forget Sandra? She had a really impressive filmography and dominated the Nigerian film industry with movies such as ‘Just A Mission,’ ‘Outkast’ and ‘Domitilla .’ However, in 2007, she seemed to just disappear from our screens. We eventually found out she had relocated to Germany where she currently lives with her husband and kids.

2. Regina Askia

Regina was one of the biggest stars in the 90s thanks to her roles in films such as ‘Full Moon,’ ‘Highway To The Grave’ and ‘Most Wanted.’ We still haven’t forgotten how she put our very own RMD in a bottle in ‘Suicide Mission!’ However, she quit acting in the late 2000s to pursue a career in nursing. Regina is currently a registered nurse in the US, saving lives and living the baby girl lifestyle.

3. Pat Attah

Once upon a time, it seemed like Pat was in every movie. He was also the handsome guy most ladies had a crush on. We all really thought that just like Ramsey Nouah, he would always be on our screens. However, he decided to leave Nigeria for Germany where he is currently a musician. And from what we see on Instagram, he’s also really good at it.

4. Susan Patrick
Nollywood stars who quit acting

(Photo: Nollywoodcommunity)

Susan won our hearts as the titular character in 1993 classic, ‘Sakobi’ and again in ‘Tears in Heaven.’ We were so ready for her to take over Nollywood until she stopped acting. Sadly, we don’t know what happened and what she has been up to these days, but this is one actress we miss badly.

5, Franca Brown
Nollywood stars who quit acting

(Photo: XploreNollywood)

Before Patience Ozokwor there was Franca Brown, the original on-screen evil mother-in-law. She quit acting in the late 2000s, and no one knows exactly what she has been up to since then. Oh well, we would just have to revisit her movies to remind us of how bad-ass she was.

Which of these Nollywood stars do you miss the most and do you still remember their movies? Feeling nostalgic already? You should probably revisit these classic Nollywood movies from your childhood. 






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