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Normalize Kissing Your Boyfriend Everywhere You Go – BBNaija’s Tochi Tells Nigerian Ladies New Normalize Kissing Your Boyfriend Everywhere You Go



BBNaija star Tochi is back with another relationship nugget for his fans and followers and this time he is speaking to the ladies.. The reality star in a clip shared on social media called on ladies to normalize kissing their boyfriends everywhere they go.

He shared that a lot of girls only feel comfortable kissing their partners inside but appealed to them to start kissing their men in public everywhere they go from schools to cinemas and other public places. The reality star said Nigerian women should learn from their counterparts in the European countries and see how they dote on their partners.
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A few days ago the reality TV star explained that men cannot do it on their own and they will always need a touch of feminine excellence for steady progress. The influencer asked his male fans and followers to watch the lives of billionaires and see the role women have played to make them the success story that they are and how they don’t joke with their partners.

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