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OAP Ordinary President Slammed For Slapping Woman Who Burnt A Minor



OAP Ordinary President assaults woman
A Nigerian media personality and human rights activist Ahmad Isa, popularly known as Ordinary President is currently in the court of Twitter being dragged and slammed for assaulting a woman back in February.
In a video released by the investigative arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation BCC, the BBC Eye, Ordinary President was seen hitting the woman across the face more than one in an interview.Nigerians Slam OAP For Assaulting Interviewee Who Burnt A Minor
The woman named Susan had reportedly set her niece on fire, accusing her of being a witch. As reported, Susan tied the girl’s hands and legs, drench her with kerosene and then set her ablaze. When interrogated by Ordinary President, Susan said she no one told her the girl is a witch and she didn’t know what came over her to set her ablaze.
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Ahmad Isah asked her continuously why she engaged in the evil act but she kept saying she didn’t know what seized her mind. This infuriated him and
he slapped her across the face aggressively. Before this, however, the media officials around beckoned one another to move back, seeming like there was an earlier communication of the happening.Nigerians Slam OAP For Assaulting Interviewee Who Burnt A Minor
This, however, didn’t go down well with many tweeps and they slammed the OAP for being unprofessional in his dealing, although some others say it serves Susan right. “I am totally appalled by people in the comment section justifying this abuse. He has absolutely NO RIGHT or AUTHORITY to lay his hands on her. He assaulted her and has committed a crime, and did so ON CAMERA for us to see? This is beyond messiah complex. This is anti human rights. And the fact that the onlookers stepped back before he slapped the woman speaks volumes. Either he had informed them before hand that he was going to assault her; OR he has been slapping MANY people, so frequently and audaciously, that he didn’t mind that the BBC was filming!”, @effodu tweeted.
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“Was the slap justified? YES! Was he right for slapping her? NO! Was he being professional? NO! In summary, he was very wrong for slapping her. As a professional, you have to be profesdional at all times and not allow your emotions get the best of you”, @the_drterry wrotr. “This is pure jungle justice which is even a crime under the law… let the law enforcement agents do their job. If he could hit a woman like this on live camera what would he have done if there wasn’t a camera. No matter what the woman did he doesnt have any right to assault her”, @iam_Sexysavage wrote. “Ahmed Isa has NO right whatsoever to slap her!!!!!what happened to handing her over to the police immediately…is he power drunk? I dunno how some of you support his action…Never take laws into your hands!!!!”, @pryskkah tweeted.
The minor set ablaze

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