Obaseki: You Can Not Sell Your House And Be Waiting For Rent – Residents Mock PDP

Obaseki: You Can Not Sell Your House And Be Waiting For Rent – Edo Residents Mock PDP

Edo 2020 election is indeed intriguing and fascinating, nothing more can be asked for.

Obaseki and his Deputy, Philip Shaibu have been granted waivers to be able to vote and be voted for under the PDP platform.

On return to Benin, Obaseki publicly addressed PDP party members declaring himself as the new Leader of PDP in the State.

So full of himself and boastful the Edo State Governor declared himself the Leader of the party amid cheers from his supporters.

The word the “Leader” in PDP was termed after the ICONIC Late Chief Anthony Anenih who was known as the defacto LEADER of PDP.

Almost the same way Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is referred to as the National Leader of APC today.

With Obaseki claiming the Leadership tag of PDP many party members have cried out in anguish that the Governor is set to ambush and desecrate the party.

With loud complaints coming from PDP members over Obaseki’s overbearing influence in the party, Edo residents have lashed out at the PDP, saying you can not demand rent when you have sold your house, this is obviously in reference to the 8 billion Obaseki used in purchasing the ticket.

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Here are some responses from Edo Residents mocking PDP.

“What the hell are PDP members complaining about? you don’t sell your house and expect to still collect rent, the earlier PDP members know that Obaseki is their leader the better.”- Chris

“Kikiki PDP don sell their birthright dey complain about Obaseki say him na leader, shame shame shame SHAME.”- Ahmed

“No Godfatherism in Edo but Wike, Udom and Tambuwal are Sonfatherism. we are moving gradually to scene two”- Nosa

“Not as if I don’t like him but is it a do or die affair for him to be Governor again, in short, he seems so desperate, I voted for him last time but because of his act of desperation, I’m seeing I won’t vote for him again. thanks”-Jane

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” Obaseki gave PDP 8 billion naira for ticket from Edo treasury. This is the hypocrite that has been crying falsely that he doesn’t want to share Edo money with party men. Thief! you will lose woefully because Edo people know PDP, being what they are, they will milk Edo treasury dry. GOD forbid!- Erasmus

“When Obaseki was in APC, he was accusing Oshiomhole of wanting to share state money. now, what about this ‘Obaseki who is a serial betrayal can not come over to our party and take over the structure completely just because he gave the party leaders 8 Billion Naira, my question, who is now sharing state money?

“He gave PDP eight billion, that is why they are willing to do away with their loyal supporters, Obaseki has gone home, PDP will remain the most corrupt party in the world.”-Mahmoud

According to the majority of respondents, the PDP members cant eat their cake and have it. Obaseki remains its leader.

Edo is not Lagos.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Benin City.