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Obi Cubana Told Me His Mum’s Burial Will Make Some People Start Craving Death — Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike
Socialite Pretty Mike has shared a shocking detail Nightlife boss Obi Cubana revealed to him months before laying his mother to rest in grand style. The entrepreneur buried his mother yesterday in Anambra state and the funeral has been the talk of the town due to its extravagant nature.

Socialite Prety Mike who is a friend of the businessman and also attended the burial shared that Cubana told him months before the burial that people will crave death with how well he will lay his mother to rest. Mike shared that a few months ago Cubana’s mother-in-law was laid to rest and it was nothing short of a carnival. He explained that Cubana holds his mother in high esteem and has said she will be buried like royalty. The Instagram celebrity shared that with the type of burial Cubana’s mother received yesterday a lot of people will wish to die and be buried this way.
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