Obi would be president with prayers, active participation in electioneering process – Prophet Akinbo

*Says anything outside a free and fair election would plunge Nigeria into chaos and Buhari will be last APC president

Reverend Shalom Kelvin Akinbo, the Head Pastor of Doers Nation International Church, in Akure, the Ondo State capital, has prophesised that Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has been revealed to him as the successor to President Muhammadu Buhari.

But he warned that there must be intense prayers to avert confusion in the land “because I saw a man without head but wears a crow.

“I am seeing a crown that was given in the eleventh month and this crown is been celebrated after the general election and this is an organized conspiracy we must pray against,” cautioned Prophet Akinbo, who also warned that anything outside of a free and fair election in next February’s presidential polls, where he sees the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the only candidate capable of upstaging Obi, would plunge Nigeria into “total chaos as the battle is between Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi.”

Prophet Akinbo, who had in the past made several predictions that eventually came to pass, also said that Buhari will be the last Nigerian president to come from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), thus closing the door on the chances of the APC’s presidential candidate Asíwájú Bola Tinubu.

Speaking at the end of his prophetic SEE on the mountain, in Akure, Prophet Akinbo, said: “Let’s look ahead and pray, but I must tell you that APC has failed 1,000 percent.

“This current president will be the last APC president, as revealed to me. All the windows opened for this party have been closed.”

Prophet Akinbo, who also spoke about the unworkability of the APC’s same faith ticket, after Tinubu picked fellow Muslim Senator Kashim Shettima as his running mate, later told The Guardian that the APC would have stood a better chance of retaining power if it had followed his earlier forecast of choosing either Tein Jack-Rich or Rotimi Amaechi as its presidential flag bearer.

Jack-Rich, a philanthropist and business magnate, was the youngest aspirant in the APC’s presidential race, while Amaechi, a former governor of Rivers State and immediate past Minister of Transport, lost out to Tinubu at the APC presidential primary.

“The only people that would have withstood Peter Obi are Jack-Rich and Amaechi,” continued Prophet Akinbo. “This is because Jack-Rich stands a better chance than what they presented to us from that party.

“This is because Jack Rich is young, vibrant and would have been a complete new phase for the ruling party, and Nigerians would have embraced him far more than Peter Obi or any other person presented by other parties. But God allowed some things to happen for a purpose.

“When I said Amaechi was fit to become Nigeria’s next president, I knew what I was saying. Unfortunately, those strange powers hijacked the crown made for another man; therefore, the party shall collapse according to my words.”

The much-loved cleric then went on to urge Nigerians to “pray against emergency rule,” warning that any moves to rig the presidential election in favour of the ruling party would have dire consequences for Africa’s most populous country.

“We must pray against emergency rule in this country. Anything other than a free and fair election would plunge this country into total chaos,” said Prophet Akinbo. I perceive war coming unless we rise and pray for this nation.

“With what’s ahead in a free and fair election, nobody would be able to defeat Peter Obi of the Labour Party. But we must pray for him. This is the time we have to restore our nation; to reclaim our nation from wolves in sheep’s clothing.

“I don’t know the kind of election they intend to conduct, but rigging the election is tantamount to war. The Federal Government should be careful not to provoke the youth into massive protests that’ll lead to revolution and a total breakdown of order in this country. We are in a very sensitive season in our nation.

“The North has betrayed the South West. I am not seeing anyone from the South West as president in 2023. If the ruling party wants to retain that seat, they should bring a young person, but unfortunately, it is too late for them. The era of old politicians has passed!

“If there is an election at all in 2023, Peter Obi stands a chance far more than every of the presidential candidates. But the crown that came in the eleventh month is being celebrated, but there will be tears. Let’s pray for Peter Obi and Atiku. Let’s pray against emergency rule, military takeover, and war,” added Prophet Akinbo, who told The Guardian that further predictions will be shared on October 1.

October 1 is Nigeria’s Independence Day, but it is also the date for the Doers Nation International Church’s 2022 Prophetic Conference.

“What I saw in the vision I will share if permitted by October 1st during the Prophetic Conference 2022,” he said. “I will be sharing on what will happen in the coming year.”

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